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1. Blonde Redhead - 23 (AX-KOREA, 2012/05/04)

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Blonde Redhead - 23 (AX-KOREA, 2012/05/04)

equipment: 500D, sigma 30mm 1.4 후반부에 팔이아파서 점점 내려감 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. south korea :||: RIDE ALONG

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  • By Anthony Poon
south korea :||: RIDE ALONG

Early in the summer I spent 16 days travelling across South Korea... and I sincerely could not have gotten enough of it. This is the resulting video rehashing the entire trip to its bare minimum. If you're looking for a destination to visit in the forthcoming season, I'd highly advise not overlooking this country. Shot with: Canon 5D MKii w/ CANON 24-70mm 1:2.8 + CANON EF 50MM/1.4 Stabilizer: XCAM Sabre Mini Edited in: Adobe Premiere CS 6 Colour Grade: Adobe Speedgrade CS6 Destinations: Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, Gwangju Song: Yukon Blonde - My Girl Additional Footage: Henry Y INSTAGRAM:

3. Chloë Grace Moretz leggings Best Hot snaps ever - Cool Chloe MORETZ NICE ASS IN HOT SHORTS

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Chloë Grace Moretz leggings Best Hot snaps ever - Cool Chloe MORETZ NICE ASS IN HOT SHORTS

Chloë Grace Moretz leggings Best Hot snaps ever - MORETZ NICE ASS IN HOT SHORTS Chloë Grace Moretz is ... and CRAZY Chloë Grace Moretz & Zac Efron -Deleted Scene (Neighbors 2) Chloe Moretz Hot in Tight Leggings Running on Her Way Chloe Moretz dresses down in tight gym gear as she’s pictured on solo trip in Los Angeles The Hollywood actress was all smiles out and about in LA on Tuesday A make-up free Chlore Moretz was snapped out and about in gym gear on Tuesday - and looked incredible.Chloë Grace Moretz Hot & Sexy Ass Twerk Compilation Tribute #1 Un pequeño vídeo de Chloe M. (Es mi primer Video) Lol We’re used to seeing the Hollywood star looking like she’s just stepped out of the pages of a glossy magazine in an array of designer outfits, but the 19-year-old opted to dress down in a cool and casual look on this rare occasion. The blonde actress looked work out-ready in a pair of tight pale blue leggings and a tiny grey crop top which showed off her toned abs. Brooklyn Beckham’s other half finished off the laid back look with a pair of Yeezy trainers - despite getting into a very public row with Kanye West’s other half Kim Kardashian over the reality star's headline-grabbing nude selfie. The loved-up teen wasn't joined by her boyfriend Brooklyn, despite the pair being almost inseparable ever since they made their romance red carpet official last month. Since Brooklyn joined Chloe at her Neighbours 2 premiere in Los Angeles, the couple have been parading their relationship all over social media with lots of PDA-happy snaps. The latest one sees the star gazing into David and Victoria's offspring's eyes in a stylish black and white shot. Chloe shared the snap on her Instagram account along with the caption: "Hey @brooklynbeckham I like the way ya look at me, that's all :)." moretz photoshoot,moretz fap 2017,moretz interview,chloe grace moretz korea,chloe grace moretz ,2017moretz, i love you daddy,moretz brooklyn, beckhamchloe moretz, tribute moretz, leggings neighbors 2 full movie,chloe grace moretz, tributethe 5th wave, full movie chloe grace, moretz 2018 chloe morellochloe, grace moretz kickass,kissing scene moretz ,funny moments ,ansel elgortmoretz, interview 2017,zac efron,chloe moretz,chloe grace moretz,tribute,chloë grace moretz,brooklyn beckham,chloe moretz,chloe grace moretz,running,hot,leggings,spandex,tights,grey leggings,candids,paparazzi,celebrity,camel toecelebrity, celebrity news, celebs news, chloe moretz dresses down in tight gym gear as she’s pictured on solo trip in los angeles, chloe moretz, chloe moretz dresses, chloe moretz in los angeles, the hollywood actress, chloe moretz dresses down, sexy, hot, hottest, sexiest, celeb, celebrities, chloe, moretz, tv, celebridad, movie, dubstep ★ The Must-See Movies are HERE ➨ ★Subscribe HERE and NOW ►

4. Bandits-Mages 2014 - Interview "Artaud Sentences" - Eyvind Kang / Jessika Kenney

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Bandits-Mages 2014 - Interview

ARTAUD SENTENCES, dicussion during the rehearsals, concert at Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France. November 15, 2014 EYVIND KANG (US), JESSIKA KENNEY (singer, US), HYEONHEE PARK (percussionist from Korea), HYEONMI PARK (dancer, Korea) Album : At Temple Gate Seattle composers Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang meet Korean electro-acoustic artist Hyeonhee Park for an innovative distillation of traditional and experimental musics. 
Jessika Kenney is a vocalist and composer known for her haunting timbral sense, as well as her profound interpretation of vocal traditions; Eyvind Kang is an acclaimed composer and violist. He has worked in the past with Sun City Girls, Bill Frisell, Secret Chiefs 3, Blonde Redhead, Robin Holcomb, Laurie Anderson and many others. He has released albums on Tzadik (John Zorn) and Ipecac (Mike Patton) among other labels.
As a duo they have released several recordings, including The Face of the Earth (Ideologic Organ 2012), described as “serious, refined music” by the New York Times.
Hyeonhee Park majored in percussion at Korea National University of Arts, and studied electroacoustic music at Tokyo University of the Arts. She has performed multiple times in the US, Japan, China, and India, presenting her pieces “N-ary” and “H2O”, along with traditional repertoire. IMMI (Hyeonmi Park) is an independent choreographer and dancer in South Korea, working since 2009. Sheʼs been studying Korean dance (tradition and creation) for more than twenty years, and contemporary dance for seven years. IMMI is currently working in the interdisciplinary arts, exploring the combination of various genres. Its a project based on the poem by Antonin Artaud: Faites le Mal. The project has been made possible following a proposition by Pacôme Thiellement. --- ARTAUD SENTENCES, propos recueillis lors des répétitions du concert, Rencontres Bandits-Mages 2014, Bourges, France, le 15 novembre 2014 EYVIND KANG (Seattle, US), JESSIKA KENNEY (chant, Seattle, US), HYEONHEE PARK (percussions, Corée du Sud), HYEONMI PARK (danse, Corée du Sud) Album : At Temple Gate Les compositeurs de Seattle Jessika Kenney et Eyvind Kang rencontrent l’artiste électro-acoustique Coréenne Hyeonhee Park pour une distillation originale de musiques expérimentales et traditionnelles. 
Jessika Kenney est chanteuse et compositrice connue pour son timbre hanté et la profondeur de son interprétation des traditions vocales ; Eyvind Kang est un violoniste et compositeur reconnu. Il a travaillé par le passé avec Sun City Girls, Bill Frisell, Secret Chiefs 3, Blonde Redhead, Robin Holcomb, Laurie Anderson et bien d’autres. Il a sorti des albums sur Tzadik (John Zorn) et Ipecac (Mike Patton) entre autres labels. 
En tant que duo ils ont sortis plusieurs albums, dont The Face of the Earth (Ideologic Organ 2012), qui a été décrit comme « musique sérieuse et raffinée » par le New York Times. 
Hyeonhee Park est diplômée percussions de la Korea National University of Arts et a étudié la musique électro-acoustique à la Tokyo University of the Arts. Elle a joué à de nombreuses reprises aux USA, Japon, Chine et Inde, avec ses pièces « N-ary » et « H2O », au côté d’un répertoire traditionnel. IMMI (Hyeonmi Park) est une chorégraphe et danseuse indépendante de Corée du Sud, qui travaille depuis 2009. Elle a étudié la danse Coréenne (traditionnelle et de création) pendant plus de 20 ans, et la danse contemporaine pendant 7 ans. En ce moment, IMMI travaille dans les arts interdisciplinaires. Elle y explore la combinaison de genres différents.
 Le projet est basé sur le poème d’Antonin Artaud : Faites le Mal.

 Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à l’invitation de Pacôme Thiellement.

5. the Object 30 sec trailer

the Object 30 sec trailer

Obscure Object Films copyright 2009 a film by Stephen Dirkes Dirty Martini, Paul Richard, Fabien Sagard, Rebecca Trent Photographed by Tal Shpantzer Lighting Design by Miklos Buk Hair and Makeup Masha Gvozdov Styling by Ayka Burlesque star Dirty Martini to Host World Premier Screening Party of Filmmaker Stephen Dirkes "the Object" at the Slipper Room, NYC Friday October 9th 8pm Obscure Object Films announces the release of Stephen Dirkes short film The Object, starring burlesque star Dirty Martini and Paul Richard. This 5 minute film shot on location in Brooklyn and Long Island City follows a protagonist whose lust for women unattainable leads the viewer from stop action animation to a live action set reminiscent of the best of 1930s cabaret. Combing stop-motion animation and live-action with photographer, Tal Shpantzer, creates a quirky brilliance that has received the thumbs up in festivals, screenings, installations and live VJ/DJ sets from audiences as varied as those at the Chelsea Museum to the connoisseurs of the Lower East Side's Slipper Room, including Filmmaker, John Waters. Stephen and Dirty met DJ/VJing and Dancing respectively at the Slipper Room and next on the set of a Terry Richardson shoot and creative sparks flew as they do on any fashion shoot. The Francophonic lovely has returned to New York and the arms of her obsessed pursuers as embodied by the painter and now actor, Paul Richard. He and a cast of French men on holiday pursue their fantasies of the billowing blonde who is recently returned from a turn in Tournee, a film by and starring Matthieu Almaric, which is slated for screening in Cannes. A filmmaker, composer and artist Stephen Dirkes has firmly planted himself in the New York scene after global residencies as far flung as Prague, Indonesia, Korea and Brazil. His multi-channel video installations are often combined with live VJ sets and have made him the resident VJ of the Chelsea Art Museum's Summer Soirees Rooftop Series. As a multi-disciplinary artist Dirkes started quite young, attending the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto and the University of Michigan while in his teens. Paul Richard plays Hank, the brooding artist whose baroque world Ms. Martini inhabits through a twisted melange of emotional states expressed through deft technological collage. The film also features a performance from Rebecca Trent, owner of the Creek theatre space and Fabien Sagard as Dirty Martini’s young french lover in his first film role.

6. Eli CORTIÑAS HIDALGO : Confessions with an open curtain (EXCERPT)

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  • Duration: 60
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Eli CORTIÑAS HIDALGO : Confessions with an open curtain (EXCERPT)

EXCERPT Ref 11_5200 Online excerpt for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2011-2012. Eli CORTIÑAS HIDALGO : Confessions with an open curtain | Video | hdv | color | 00:05:25 | Spain / Germany | 2011 Synopsis As in previous works, the video which is based on found-footage, deals with the construction of female identity, as well as with the portrayal of pictorial details, the interpretation of the specifics of a dramaturgic scene and the relevant film scenography. Things which within the context of film history are already “embedded” in the film material and could thus be overlooked, are brought to the forefront. Paradoxically the supposed confessional referred to by the artist is described as having an open curtain, in contrast to the usual situation in the Catholic Church where its confessional booths consist of a dividing wall and a curtain. The curtain has long been regarded as being at the beginning, an item which veils and conceals. In the baroque and bourgeois theatre of the 18th century it is accorded a particular power, which gives it an active role. Not only does it announce the play, it becomes a figure itself, with its folds, movements and shades of colour, ranging from opaque to transparent. In Cortiňas’ work the curtain turns into the central figure with its individual sounds, sweeping size and physical characteristics. In front of it and behind it are blonde women, allowing the viewer only to look over their shoulders. Cortiňas utilizes this motif from Romanticism which permits the female figures to be made anonymous as well as be typified, seeming to merge into one. Alongside the women we gaze out of the window into the distance, into the past, into the future, celebrate the nostalgic image of the romantic idea of inner freedom and are halted by the rasping voice of a mature woman: Every woman has a career – the career of being a woman. Cortiňas approach to the re-enactment of the longings of her mostly female heroines, who reveal their supposed confessions in a collage of sounds, and in excerpts, is accompanied by an aesthetic reflection, in the sense of an “atmospheric” perception. The pictorial-compositional and narrative excerpts which occur simultaneously provoke us into completing the ellipses in the visual and the content. Through the distance to the usual cinema experience – the linear dramaturgy is constantly interrupted both on the levels of image and sound – Cortiňas confronts the viewer with completely different versions of the individual motifs. She creates a layer of desires, most of which turn out to be unrealistic. The goal as an endless pipe-dream. Biographic notes ELI CORTIÑAS Born 1976 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Spain. Lives and works in Berlin and Cologne/ Germany. 2003-2008 Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Prof. Matthias Müller, Prof. Marcel Odenbach 2001-2002 European Film College, DK AWARDS / GRANTS 2011 Shortlist Award for young Film Art, Freunde der Neuen National Galerie und Deutsche Filmakademie 2009 Promotion Prize NRW 2009 for Media Art, Düsseldorf/ Germany Winner of the 19th Art Students Competition by the States Department for Education and Research, Kunst- u. Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik, Bonn/ Germany Short List Nomination for the Columbus Art Foundation Project, Leipzig/ Germany 2nd Price NRW Competition at the International Filmfestival Oberhausen/ Germany 2008 Nominated for the German Short film Award in Gold for experimental film, Berlin/ Germany 2005 Promotion Price of the Big Art Exhibition North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf/ Germany 2001 Grant from the Film foundation MSH, Lübeck/ Germany EXHIBITIONS 2011 Street Girls Bringing Sailors In Must Pay In Advance I + II, Michael Wiesehöfer Gallery/ Haus Im Süden, Cologne/ Germany Dorothea, Ancient & Modern Gallery, London Based Around Babusch, Babusch Art Project, Berlin What a pity, it was indeed a great city, Van Bau Gallery, Vestfossen, Norway The New Rhineland. The Post-ironic Generation, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen/ Germany (C) BIWAK III, Eli Cortiñas, Jürgen von Dückerhoff, Diango Hernández, Alexander Lieck, Anthony McCall, Thom Merrick, Richard Allen Morris, Trevor Paglen, Peter Piller, Thomas Zander Gallery, Schmidt Maczollek Gallery, Michael Wiesehöfer Gallery, Cologne/ Germany 2010 Hypercinema!, Les Rencontres Internationales, Centre Pompidou, Paris/ France (C) The New Rhineland. The Post-ironic Generation, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen/ Germany (C) Saw it & Loved it # 4: Saw it, Loved it # 4: 
Better living with...
From young collections, Museum Ludwig, Cologne/ Germany New Positions, Art Cologne, solo booth, Michael Wiesehöfer Gallery, Cologne/ Germany (C) (Solo) The excitement of ownership, Waldburger Gallery, Brussels/ Belgium (Solo) The sky is burning, 6 positions towards collage, Rupert Pfab Gallery, Düsseldorf/ Germany 2009 Liste Basel, Basel/ Switzerland (C) (Solo) Dial M for Mother, Michael Wiesehöfer Gallery, Cologne/Germany (Solo) Footloose, Waldburger Gallery, Brussels/ Belgium Moon Star Love, Marcelle Alix Gallery, Paris/ France +10/ Shortlist Columbus Art Foundation Project, Halle 14, Spinnerei Leipzig/ Germany (C) Regarding Düsseldorf 4, Düsseldorf/ Germany (C) Art Students Competition Exhibition, Kunst- u. Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik, Bonn/ Germany (C) 2008 Cinéma Revisité, Centre Pompidou, Paris/ France (C) Documental: Contemporary Video Art from Europe, Guggenheim Gallery, L.A./ U.S.A. 13. Marler Video Art Price, Glaskasten Marl, Marl/ Germany (C) Lies. Nowhere. Between fiction and reality, exhibition screening, Museum for Contemporary Art Münster, Münster/ Germany (C) Recently seen and admired, Kunstagenten Gallery, Berlin/ Germany Minus Eins, Minus Eins experimental Lab, curated by Mischa Kuball, Cologne/ Germany Family Matters, Gallery NB8, Oslo/ Norway Zur Zeit, Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz/ Austria There will be no funeral, e*raum, Cologne/ Germany (Solo) 2007 Rettung ohne Untergang, Deutzer Brücke, Cologne/ Germany CROPPED, Figge von Rosen Gallery, Cologne/ Germany 2006 Exhibition due to Promotion Price of the Big Art Exhibition North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf/ Germany (C) 2005 Köln Kunst 7, Cologne/ Germany (C) 5. Augsburger Art Lab (LAB 30), Augsburg/ Germany Guten Tag: Auf Wiedersehen, Rutgers Arts Center, New Jersey/ U.S.A. SCREENINGS 2011 Xperimenta, Xcèntric, CCCB, Barcelona (November 2011) IFFF Dortmund, Espressofilm, Viena, Austria 2008 – 2011 Les Rencontres Internationales, Paris, Madrid, Berlin 2009 Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad/ Norway Reel to Real, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main/ Germany ZKMax showroom: Passage Maximilianstrasse, Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat in cooperation with ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, München/ Germany 2008 CINÉMA REVISITÉ Centre Pompidou Paris/ France Int. Women Film Festival Dortmund, Panorama section, Dortmund, Cologne/ Germany "LUX" Max Ophüls Price, Experimental Film / Video, Saarbrücken/ Germany Short Cuts Cologne, Cologne/ Germany 2007 LOOP, video art fair, Barcelona/ Spain European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück/ Germany Int. Short Film Festival, Oberhausen/ Germany L´Alternativa, Barcelona/ Spain 2006 XXX Forum – Video Art, Museum Ludwig, Cologne/ Germany Geladen: Videokunst", Junge Kunstfreunde, Museum Ludwig, Cologne/ Germany "Traveller auf Reise wohnen", Galerie Sammler, Leipzig/Germany 2003 Oldenburg Film Week, Oldenburg/ Germany Filmfest Augenweide, Kiel/G Germany Int. Leipzig Festival for Documentary & Animated Film, (Competition), Leipzig/ Germany Film Tournee Unterwegs, Germany 2002 Feminale, Cologne/ Germany Nordic Film Week, Lübeck/ Germany Mediawave, Ungarn Int. Women’s Film Festival, Seoul/ Korea CURRENT PUBLICATIONS/ PRESS „TWIN – Cinematic New Talents: Eli Cortiñas, Conrad Ventur, Angelika Markul and Ruth Hinkel-Pevzner “ by Freire Barnes, TWIN-Factory ,London, UK. „Despite moments of clarity there is no ism in this book: 100 New Artists“, by Francesca Gavin, Laurence King Publishing, London, UK., coming out: September 2011 „RISING: Young Emerging Artists“, by Julia Ritterskamp u.a., Herausgeber: Daab Verlag, Erscheinungstermin: Mai/ Juni 2011 GQ MAGAZINE, British Edition, „Up and Coming Artists“ by George Daniell, May 2011 MONOPOL, 1/2011 January, „Komisch: Leverkusen predigt Postironie und die Generationsschublade klemmt“, Alexandra Wach, S.95 ( Welt am Sonntag, 28. November 2010, „Die neue rheinische Ehrlichkeit“, Christiane Hoffmans, S.48 MOFF – Artists Magazine, 2/2010, „Eli Cortiñas“, S.30-34 (C= Catalogue) More info on

7. Mrs. Heather Thalheimer-LLM Sermon - Jan. 29th, 2012

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  • Duration: 2635
  • By Tongil
Mrs. Heather Thalheimer-LLM Sermon - Jan. 29th, 2012

How To Love As God Intended Heather Thalheimer January 29, 2012 Good morning, brothers and sisters here in New York, and good morning, brothers and sisters all around the nation: in Alaska, in Florida, in California, in Nevada. Brothers and sisters all around the nation, thank you so much. I bring the love and greetings of True Parents back with me from Korea. Our senior pastor, Reverend In Jin Moon, has asked me to share a bit of our experience in Korea together with our True Parents and bring the love of True Parents to you. I spent a week in Korea, and it gave new meaning to the Bible quote, “A day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day,” because you wouldn’t believe how much we packed into this incredible week! It was such a wonderful experience. You know how it is when you have a great experience like reading an amazing book, or going to a movie or having a profound encounter together with brothers and sisters; you always feel like, “Oh, I wish so and so were here. I wish this person were here.” That’s how I felt sitt ing in front of True Parents and going to all the awesome events that we have. I felt so deeply privileged to be there, and I was thinking, “I wish everybody were here.” So I hope I can give you a taste of the events that we had, and through this you can have that experience, too. We did a lot. We celebrated the 45th God’s Day, the 29th Day of the Victory of Love, the lunar New Year, complete with a lantern-lighting ceremony, a parade and amazing events at Cheon Bok Gung. We had True Parents’ golden wedding and jubilee year celebration. We had True Father’s 93rd birthday and True Mother’s 70th gohui birthday celebration. Let’s give it up for our True Parents! For any person, it is remarkable to live to 93, but I tell you, this man is more energetic, more committed, more everything than any of us. We can’t keep up with him. Hyung Jin Nim was so funny. He said, “I find it so hard to keep up with Father because of the incredible energy, passion and connection he feels with God. The purpose in his life gives him that kind of energy.” So I got re-energized. I’m actually a bit more than half of Father’s age, but I got so re-energized by his heart and his example. I realized in being in Korea that we have an astonishing church and an astonishing movement. We’re not just a church, but a whole movement, and I want to share a bit about that with you this morning. “We’re a Family Religion” The other day somebody sent me one of those viral e-mails. This one had a link to a YouTube video featuring a young man who is a Christian rapper. His rap song was quite interesting. It was about, “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.” Maybe some of you have seen it. Some of you must have seen it because 16 million other people in the world have seen it. It was interesting because he makes a valid point. He was attractive, fun and interesting, and his point was that religion has brought so much corruption into the world, and we don’t need religion, we just need that relationship with Jesus. This video made me think. But then connected to that particular video was another video made by a Catholic priest. He was a little less young, a little less attractive, and he rapped. His rap was, “Why I love religion and I love Jesus.” I think this is interesting, and I’d like to put out a challenge to all you young Unificationists to make a YouTube response, too – maybe “Why I love Lovin’ Life and I love True Parents.” It seriously made me think. I realized that, “Yes, we love Jesus, and we love True Parents, and we love God. But we don’t just love God and True Parents as an individual, but as a faith community, as a family.” We need religion because we need our faith community and because we don’t relate to God only as an individual. God’s first institution – the only institution made by God, because we made the rest – and the only institution that really matters, is the family. We’re a family religion. So we need a church, and we need our True Parents. We talk about One Family Under God, but it has to become real. We are one family under God, and that’s what I experienced in Korea. I’m so grateful for that. We gathered together as brothers and sisters from all around the world. We could meet each other and make One Family Under God more than a slogan, because it is more than a slogan. It’s already our reality. It’s our relationship with God and our relationship with each other, and sometimes we have to get together because we need to be with each other. We need to be with each other every Sunday. That’s why we come to Sunday service – because we’re a family. We’re not just individuals trying to connect to our beloved Heavenly Parent; we’re a family, and we need to experience that. In this past week we experienced it on a global scale in Korea because we came together as brothers and sisters from all over the world. One thing I realized again is, “Yes, we’re a little bit different.” It’s so great. Every nation has its own culture, its own flavor. We were in Korea representing America, but I met brothers and sisters from all over the world. And what’s a family without parents? The essence of family means that you have to have parents. We value our True Parents because we can’t have family without parents. This whole celebration highlighted the life and work of True Parents and what we can do together with them. We need to save the world, but can an individual save the world? An individual alone can’t connect to God in all possible dimensions; an individual, no matter how great he or she is, cannot save the world. The messiah alone cannot save the world, and that’s the reason Jesus had to go to the way of the cross. He couldn’t save the world alone; he needed the people of Israel to unite with him. He needed the world to unite with him. At this time True Parents need us to unite and connect with them, and together we can save the world. And how do we save the world? Why do we need True Parents? What do parents in a family do? They teach our family how to love. And we need to learn how to love. We need to learn what love is, love as God intended. BlessedLIFE Ministry: “Love as God Intended” In this quarter we’re unveiling the “BlessedLIFE Ministry.” And do you know what the tagline of the BlessedLIFE Ministry is? It’s so awesome. “Love as God Intended.” We need the Blessing, but what is Blessed life? What is Blessed marriage? Blessed marriage is unique to our church because it is love as God intended, not as Hollywood intended, not as a particular culture intended. We certainly don’t want love as the Brits intended. We want love as God intended. This is why we need the Blessing, why we need Blessed life, and why we need the Blessed Life Ministry. I want to invite you to check out the BlessedLIFE Ministry. After service today, ask your local pastor, “Tell me about BlessedLIFE and how I can connect with our Blessed Life Ministry.” One aspect of the BlessedLIFE Ministry that we’re advertising in this particular quarter is the Couples Check-up, because we’re not satisfied with the relationships we have and we always want to improve them. In this particular quarter we’re providing for all couples a Couples Check-up. It’s a survey that you take – and I encourage everyone to do this. I even encouraged and made my husband do it. It was so good. Taking this survey can help you understand both the strengths you have in your relationship, and also the gaps and the weaknesses, because everybody can improve. The Couples Check-up has all these different categories for you to examine together. One of them, of course, is money, because that’s often what couples fight about. In my couple, my husband is always wondering why I spend so much money. He’s a Yankee and in my opinion he kind of underspends. This Couples Check-up is great because it gives you an opportunity to talk about things that matter and how to connect more deeply in your relationship. It supports our dialogue together because that is so important for creating love as God intended. “Every Generation Needs True Parents” As you know, parents are important in a family because we learn from parents. We learn how to love. And more importantly than anything else, we don’t learn necessarily by just the words they speak but by the example. I’m sure all you young people here today want to see the example from your parents. You don’t want just to hear them speak, but you want to see them live, and live the example. This is why we need our True Parents – because we need to have the particular example that they offer. This is why True Parents are important to every generation. Sometimes I hear people say, “Well, you know, True Parents are very important to first-generation Unificationists. But will the tenth-generation need our True Parents?” Absolutely. Because True Parents come as the center of the family. That family is an eternal family, which is why we always need our True Parents and every generation needs True Parents. They teach us about love as God intended. Also, when we were together with our True Parents in Korea, especially on the Day of Victory of Love, we experienced the seriousness that our True Parents have. We went deep into Father’s heart. He spoke with us for many hours. He trusted us and shared with us his deep heart from which he and also True Mother have had to give in the process of restoration. We want to be together with them in that same deep heart. During the course of the week we saw some beautiful videos celebrating Mother’s life up to this year’s 70th birthday. But you can’t understand about True Parents if you just look at their lives externally. You have to look deep inside their lives. You have to look with your spiritual eyes. For those of you who are new here today – and I see some new faces in our congregation, welcome to Lovin’ Life. Yes. Welcome. I encourage you to read Father’s autobiography because it gives you insight into the way he’s lived, what’s important to our True Parents, and the example of how they are trying to reach and impact the world. All of us want to make a difference, but how do you do that? In the autobiography Father shares his deep heart about how he’s going to change the world. If you look at people’s lives just on the external level of what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, and how they look externally, you may not understand them. You have to look with spiritual eyes. I want to ask you to look at True Parents with spiritual eyes. They’re more concerned about God and humanity than anything else. Celebrating Who We Are On the Day of the Victory of Love, our True Parents shared about the course that they’ve gone, even many times sacrificing their own children. Every parent in the room knows what it feels like to sacrifice your own children just even a little bit. But imagine you do that every day, all the time, to an extreme degree. That is the level of love and heart that they have for the world, and they’ve tried to invest in the world. So at the Day of the Victory of Love speech he trusted us with his deepest heart, sharing the difficult course that not only he but also his family has gone. Some of you young Unificationists may have experienced your parents going off to the mission field. I see some nods in the audience. And you know what that felt like. But how much more have True Parents put themselves out there and have their children put themselves out there? So at Father’s speech on the Day of the Victory of Love, we all recommitted ourselves to stand together with our True Parents and bring victory in 2012. Can we do that? Yes, we can. We can. After that particular event and speech, we went into Seoul and had a humongous parade. If you ever been to a parade like a Thanksgiving Day parade, you know that it’s so much fun. We had a parade celebrating our True Parents and their birthday, and we had pride as Unificationists as we marched down the street. We’re going to be posting some great photos on our website, so I encourage you to go there and see what this parade was like. It was led by Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim and other True Children. Sun Jin Nim was there, and it was just a wonderful celebration of who we are. We have to celebrate who we are as a church family because what we have to offer the world is so incredible. But if we don’t get out there and share it, nobody will ever know about it. So this parade was great. There were heart-shaped balloons that looked like doves, which were released into the sky. There were floats depicting our faith and who we are, and we marched together as family. So we need to have a Pride Day parade here in America, too. It was so much fun. Atheism vs. Theism The next thing we celebrated was the CARP World Convention. There again I was like, “Oh my gosh, I wish all of GPA, the Generation Peace Academy, was here.” I wish all of our young people could have been there because it was so phenomenal. We had a keynote speech from Hyung Jin Nim, who came together with this wife, Yeon Ah Nim, and they both were wearing jogging suits. So I knew it was going to be a little bit different. Then they came on the stage and were offered flowers, as is our heavenly tradition. Then do you know what he did? He took the flowers, he walked to the front of the stage, and he goes – whoosh. He threw the flowers out into the audience. Then he took the other bouquet from Yeon Ah Nim and threw it out into the audience, and everybody went wild. Then he started running. He started jogging in a figure 8. He said, “You know what? Today in my presentation nobody is going to sleep.” He said, “I’m going to jog, and guess what? You’re going to jog. Everybody stand up.” So, we all stood up and started jogging in place. And we jogged for one hour and 12 minutes. I perfected the art of looking like I was jogging when I wasn’t. You do the moves but you’re not really jogging, because if I really jogged, it would have been all over. So anyway, it taught me we have to get into training. Hyung Jin Nim is so good because he’s so serious about spiritual training and what we have to do in our lives to become the people that we want to be. He wants us to be internally excellent and externally excellent, which is why we have to work out. It was an awesome, attention-grabbing approach that made sure everyone was totally engaged. And he wore the most awesome tracksuit. You want to see what it looked like? I have one with me here today. It was like this. I just hope you can buy these online from Korea because I know everyone’s going to want one. It has characters on it. On one side is the character for True Father, and on the other side is the character for True Mother – because we need True Parents, we want True Parents to be there with us. And then, on top of the hoodie: Look at this. On the back he’s put all these characters. These stand for sincerity, devotion, love, filial piety, attendance or service, courage, faith, and eternity. Imagine! Hyung Jin Nim said that when he went to North Korea (which we know is a communist country that doesn’t permit people to go out and witness on the street) he wore this hoodie, just like at school maybe or wherever you are, he felt that he was wrapped in God’s love and that he could embody these values. If we embody these values, we are witnessing, right? People know who we are, and we can naturally testify to God and who God is in our lives. He loves wearing this hoodie because it reminds him about what matters: what matters to God and what matters to ourselves. The whole atmosphere was just outstanding. So here he was, jogging up front, and then he started jogging around the room. He started talking about, interestingly enough, atheism. And he asked all the young people in the room, “Who here wonders whether God exists? Okay, let’s ask. Who here wonders about whether God exists? Oh, come on, I know you do, yes. You’re not alone.” About two-thirds of the people in the audience said they had had that question in their lives. That’s a great question to have, because if we don’t solve that question, we can’t move on in our life of faith. We get stuck. And the trouble is, when we get stuck with a question in our life of faith, we know what the tendency is. We go; we walk away because we can’t answer the question. So Hyung Jin Nim said we have to fight for the answer, and he explained why it matters. In this particular presentation he was talking to young people, but I talked to him personally about this issue, and he said, for parents, we know what our challenge is. We’re so invested in supporting our children’s life of faith, we just want to ram Divine Principle down their throat. Who here has felt their parents trying to ram Divine Principle down their throats? Oh, I see a lot of hands, and I’m one of those parents. Am I bad? But Hyung Jin Nim said that we cannot teach Divine Principle until the student has solved the question “Does God exist?” So young people, your number one task is to figure out “Does God exist?” Because once you’ve figured that out, suddenly everything changes. The whole equation changes. Everything changes because then the question is “Well, what is God like?” So instead of starting with Divine Principle at the beginning and ramming it down people’s throats, how about asking the question “Does God exist?” And if God exists, then the natural question is “What is God like?” But then you still don’t ram the Divine Principle down people’s throats. Hyung Jin Nim said, “We should use comparative religion to look at the question ‘What is God like?’ Let’s study Christianity. What does Christianity say about that? What does Islam say about that? What does the Jewish faith say about that? What does Unificationism say about that? And the Unification explanation of the existence of God and the nature of God is so profound and deep. I encourage you to study Unification Thought, too. Read this, study this, explore this.” So he encouraged us in that way. Once you’ve done that, then: “Hey, what else does the Divine Principle say? Because if it was deep on this point, I’m sure it’s deep on other points, too.” So all of a sudden you’re engaging in the Divine Principle, in our teachings, in a very natural way. This was his guidance to us, and he was so entertaining. He went around the audience, and he was asking people, “So why do you think God exists? What proof do you have that God exists?” One young lady said, “I know that God exists because I have so much love in my family and love between myself and my friends.” And he said, “That’s nice. I met people in North Korea, too, who had loving families. Actually you need more. You need more of an understanding about why does God exist.” So, one of the activities in the CARP convention was a debate between atheism and theism because how we think matters. You can be so proud. I want to go shout out to LA and the young man, Philip Takhar, from LA who represented the USA. Unfortunately for us, he was defending atheism, but someone had to do it. He had a great presentation. He is a phenomenal presenter. He was – honestly – well, I’m biased. No, I’m not biased. He was the best. He’s very engaging. I would love to see this guy teach because he knows how to engage an audience. So they had an amazing debate between theism and atheism, and they brought up intelligent design. Did you know that Jonathan Wells – he’s a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute where they study intelligent design – is our brother? He’s a Unificationist. They had a remarkable dialogue about does God exist, and if God exists, then what is God like? The CARP convention was just so incredible, and I encourage you to read more about it. World Leaders Convention Also we had the World Leaders Convention, so we met brothers and sisters from all around the world. Again, we’re one family under God. And we got to know each other. It was so beautiful. I met brothers and sisters from Mauritius. I love the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean because I used to live there, and the missionary was so excited to meet me. Her name is Jessica. She’s done outstanding work. She showed me pictures of herself sharing Father’s autobiography with the mayor of Port Louis and the governor, and many other important people. There are only four blessed families on the island. It’s a tiny island nation, and Jessica is very much alone. But I was so impressed with her determination and dedication, just getting out there and sharing the breaking news. She told me something very interesting. She said, “I have a little bit of difficulty because I’m just not a presenter. I don’t know how to teach Divine Principle. Do you know anyone who could come to Mauritius for a week and teach the Divine Principle?” I thought, “Oh my gosh, vacation here I come!” So I want to put this out there to you if you love teaching the Divine Principle and you’re good at it. She said, however, that she especially hopes it could be a young person. I guess I’m not qualified. But for a young person, if you have the resources to get yourself to Mauritius, I invite you to contact the missionary from Mauritius and share your talent. We’re brothers and sisters. We’re a global family. We need to help each other. I also spent time with the missionary from China, and you ought to understand his heart – what it feels like to live in China and be a Unificationist, and how he is able to express his faith in that scenario. We are brothers and sisters. We’re living in America, but he’s in China, and we have to help each other, love each other. We have to understand each other. So it was such a profound and rich experience. Then we met the kids from Moscow. Oh, my gosh! These are cute little kids, second-generation. They won second prize in the talent competition. They’ve been practicing for three years. They range between 6 and 12 years old. They were all blonde and blue-eyed, and they paraded before our True Parents, showing the diversity and beauty of our global family. They just stole everyone’s heart. This is our global family of which we can be proud. So let’s give it up for brothers and sisters all around the world! Sharing Practices amongst Nations We also shared at the conference about best practices. We were able to give a presentation about Lovin’ Life in America. People were so inspired, intrigued, interested, and wanting to share resources. We had presentations from other countries. In Asia they have the challenge to read the one-hour Divine Principle lecture 100 times, and many people – kids and adults – are challenging that. This is so good because sometimes we see the Divine Principle and we feel like, “Oh, been there, done that, read that.” Actually, in this challenge they have in Asia, the attitude is: “How could I read it again and find what’s new?” The astonishing thing about any spiritual teaching is that it’s always new because it’s informed by your life experience. It’s not just words on a page; it’s God’s word embedded in that page for you to discover, to be revealed to you. So if I read the Divine Principle a year ago or two years ago and I read it today, I get something else because I’ve grown, I’ve matured, I’ve learned something new. In that way I discover something new about the Divine Principle. I offer that challenge to you. Read the Divine Principle again and discover what it says to you today, in 2012. Sharing our best practices at the world level, we can all learn from each other. It was a marvelous experience of richness, discovering what everyone’s doing and at the same time helping each other. From the USA, we were able to bring three humongous suitcases full of binders showing our best practices. Customs was like, “What is this?!” I just want to thank all the brothers and sisters who contributed to the development of Lovin’ Life around our nation because we can be a shining light to the world. And a special thanks to the brothers and sisters who put those binders together. So let’s give it up to Generation Peace Academy! You don’t know how much brothers and sisters in other nations appreciated receiving those binders because we put “Snapshot” in each binder. “Snapshot” is our booklet that explains who we are as a church and what we believe. This is so useful for them because they may not even have a graphics department or all of the resources that we have, but they can benefit from it, especially if they’re an English-speaking nation. We can share the work we do here, and others can benefit. They can share the work they do and we can benefit because we’re a global family. Rev. Cotter co-presented, which was great because we were a man-woman team presenting together. He and I were there together as part of the Lovin’ Life team. Together on the team we also had Women’s Federation for World Peace, represented by the president, Mrs. Angelika Selle. Lots of people came up to us afterwards, and so many people shared with us. It was inspiring for them to see all of our various activities and organizations working together because we are a global family. We’re a team, and we very much went as a team modeling the church working with WFWP and with UPF. We were very clear about that. I also have got to thank Kevin Yoon, special assistant to our senior pastor, and Winston Seo, because they took such good care of us. I felt so loved by them. Sometimes we talk about attendance, as in attendance to our True Parents. But in addition we have to attend each other, and they truly did attend, support, and love us. I felt that we are so lucky to have this outstanding team here in America and to be part of that. Foundation Day: “We Need the Messiah” At the World Leaders Conference, they also talked about the meaning of Foundation Day. I’m going to get an article up on the website about that so we can explore it more deeply together. Does anybody know when Foundation Day is? Do you know how many days away it is? 390. So we’ve got 390 days in which to prepare for Foundation Day, a day when we want to begin the world anew. The world has seen so much suffering in the past, but True Parents are trying to create love as God intended and begin the world anew. I want to read a bit from Kook Jin Nim’s speech about Foundation Day. He said, “As we approach the next year, 2013, which our True Father has declared to be a year of spiritual significance, we have seen many things that our True Parents have declared that start to make sense.” You know how sometimes things happen and you wonder, “Why did that happen? Why did we do that?” Did you ever ask that? I have, and so too, has Hyung Jin Nim. He was saying in one of his presentations that only now is he beginning to understand what Father was talking about in 2005 about the Asia-Pacific era. Hyung Jin Nim was reminding us that we need to be constantly learning, discovering, and knowing because all these things are leading up to Foundation Day and the spiritual significance of this time. We also see now more than ever that the world needs God. In times like this, more than in any other time, we need the messiah. Yes, we need the messiah. We need somebody to lead us and show us what we must do to find the solutions to the very troubling and complex problems we are facing in the world. Our True Parents have fought for God’s will, and they continue to fight for God’s will. They’ve fought for freedom and fought to bring God’s blessing to the world. Even today, our True Father and Mother fight for this very purpose. This is Kook Jin Nim’s words. Just the other day, True Father led a hoondokhwe for 15 hours. Fifteen hours. Nobody can keep up with him. But do you know the reason he can do that when he’s 93 years old? You don’t think he experiences pain, that his legs don’t hurt when he’s standing for 15 hours? I couldn’t even jog for an hour and 12 minutes. I need training. He feels that pain, but because he’s so connected to the heart of God and to the purpose that God has at this time, he has the energy, the stamina, the determination, and the love to live like that. And that’s what he’s inviting us to become, to become people who can live like that. A Gift Worth Giving to True Parents Do you know the best birthday gift we can give our True Parents? Of course, many beautiful gifts were offered to them, and True Parents loved the gift from America. It was a huge picture – I guess America always does bigger and better – of the Grand Canyon with an eagle naturally imaged in the stone. It was such a beautiful gift. But what kind of gift can each one of us give personally to our True Parents? The gift that we can give them is to dedicate ourselves to realizing God’s Will because that is the gift they want. That’s the gift they would love. That’s the gift that would actually bring them the most hope, love, and encouragement because they don’t want something to put in a museum. They want their sons and daughters to be dedicated with the same kind of heart and spirit that they have. That’s what they really care about. They want us to create lives with a shared concern, love, and commitment together with them. We need to learn how to love as God intended. We need to learn how to love each other, True Parents, True Family, and humankind. Then God will feel comfortable. He will be able to come down and dwell. You know, sometimes people say, “Why isn’t God more evident?” But actually, can God come down? God can come down and feel comfortable when we value the same things that God values, when our way of life is the same way of life that God has, when our love is like God’s love. This is the gift that we can prepare for our True Parents, and that’s how to liberate God and True Parents. The motto for this year is: The Era of the Complete Victorious Liberation of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. Now suddenly this motto comes alive because we know what we have to do. We want to liberate God and True Parents by becoming one with them, by sharing the same concerns with them, by doing the will of God and being together with them as one family under God. What other church thinks about such huge things? This is why you have to join Lovin’ Life, our church, because we think about such beautiful and huge things. We don’t want only True Parents to live a life of high dimension; we want to live a life of high dimension ourselves. So I encourage you, all of you young people, to think about what kind of YouTube video you could make that could express that. This is why we’re a church family – because we need True Parents. We need to learn from our True Parents, and we can’t do it alone. We need to learn from our brothers and sisters, and we need to learn from True Children. Learning from the True Children It was so beautiful to be in Korea, especially with all the True Children who were able to gather there. In being with Hyung Jin Nim, we could learn Hyung Jin Nim’s heart and gain a better understanding of how he thinks and how he expresses his faith. Then I need to think, “What can I learn from that? What can I inherit from that?” Then also we could learn from Kook Jin Nim, who is so different. Sometimes people think he’s not so religious. That man is deeply religious. I love him because he’s so understated, asking simply, “How are you doing?” He’s so understated, but actually he’s so committed, and he loves business. He loves business because religious people should love business. There’s a field of theology called missiology. In this particular field of theology, instead of looking at a religious leader with a focus on what that religious leader has written and the theology associated with him or her, the focus is on the broader context of the man or the woman. The focus is on the mission and the mandate he or she came with. Altogether, missiology focuses on seven ‘m’s: the mission, the mandate, et cetera. Do you know what the seventh ‘m’ is? I love it. It’s money. Sometimes people say, “You’re religious? How can you care about money?” Actually, if you’re deeply religious, you have to care about money because money enables you to do stuff. So I want to give it up for all the brothers and sisters who work in church businesses. Thank you. Our elder brother Kook Jin Nim is so serious about making money because he knows that when we have the resources, we can reach the world. Father often talks about feeding the world. We have to feed the world. Every moment, even while I’ve been standing here and you’ve been here, people have died of starvation. That’s wrong. But solving that problem requires money. This is why business matters. We want to do business for God. So I appreciate Kook Jin Nim. I appreciate all of the True Children because they all bring something so unique and so awesome to the table. By connecting in heart with them, I can understand our True Parents more. In Jin Nim brings so much grace, beauty and culture. With In Jin Nim leading us, we are redefining what it means to be a church and how to have joy. We’re meant to love life, right? Don’t you love life now? This is why I want to be a member of Lovin’ Life. I want to be a member of Lovin’ Life because I want to be in relationship with others who can help me grow. I want to be in relationship with True Parents because I can inherit from them. I want to be in relationship with True Children. I want to be in relationship with the True Family, and with my true family of brothers and sisters here. “Everyone Has to Be a Messiah” As you know, we no longer just witness to individuals. We witness to families, and sharing the breaking news has never, ever been easier. Can you say that with me? Sharing the breaking news has never been easier, because look at all the amazing stuff we have through Lovin’ Life. I have to give our congratulations to Jhon and Marina Acevedo, who received a beautiful award from the Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea for success in witnessing. They brought 14 spiritual children in 2011, and they have helped our church to grow. They have shown us that sharing our faith has never, ever been easier. Let’s give it up for Jhon and Marina Acevedo. Actually all of us can do that. Lovin’ Life. Listen to this sentence; this is important: Loving life makes tribal messiahship easy. You may not understand what tribal messiahship means because Reverend and Mrs. Moon tell us that they are the messiah. They are the people who’ve come with the mission to love the world as God loves and to save this world – to bring the marriage blessing that can connect all humankind to God’s lineage, to enable them to become part of God’s family. That is the mission of the messiah. But do you know what they say to each one of us? They say to us, “Each one of you has to be a messiah.” I have to be a messiah. You have to be a messiah. Everyone has to be a messiah. We need to be a messiah in our community.” I don’t know about you but sometimes I’ve felt just a little bit overwhelmed by that mandate, talking about missiology and my mandate. Yes, I have felt a little bit overwhelmed. But now I don’t feel overwhelmed. Lovin’ Life makes tribal messiahship so easy because we have something great to bring people to. We have an incredible Sunday sermon. We have incredible music. We have incredible culture – the culture of heart. Since we’ve had Lovin’ Life in America, through our senior pastor we’re understanding the culture of heart of our True Parents. We have small groups in which you can become close with others. We have a ballroom dance ministry in which you can have fun and experience beautiful, pure relationships as brothers and sisters. We have so much at Lovin’ Life, and so I’m so grateful to our senior pastor, Reverend In Jin Moon, so grateful. I love my church. So it’s just 390 days to Foundation Day, and that represents the day when the world can begin anew. So let’s prepare, and most importantly, let’s get other people in on this. On Foundation Day do you just want to celebrate together as our family, or do you want the big, big huge family that we can have together on Foundation Day in 2013? Let’s bring others in on this. Let’s share our faith. Let’s share the breaking news and the excitement and what we can create together. Let’s work together, and finally, let’s surprise God and True Parents with what we can do. Can we do that? Let’s surprise God and True Parents with what we can do. I just wanted to bring a taste of what we experienced together with our True Parents back to America. I want to extend their beautiful, profound love, and the love and support of True Children to you. I just want to say, have a wonderful week. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

8. Rev. Joshua Cotter-LLM Sermon March 4, 2012

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Rev. Joshua Cotter-LLM Sermon March 4, 2012

The Messiah Comes to Bring Living Water Joshua Cotter March 4, 2012 Good morning. Welcome to Lovin’ Life! Happy Sunday! Happy first Sunday in March! Today is March 4th. Are you ready to march forth? You look so good today. Turn to your neighbor and say, “I love you! Welcome to Lovin’ Life! God loves you.” Everybody, I guess you’ve got to take your seats. Good morning. I love our senior pastor. Do you love her? I love her for many reasons, but one in particular is because she made Lovin’ Life a music ministry. Amen? A music ministry, that’s like music to my soul. In fact, it is! It’s music to my soul. So when the music stops, I feel like we should keep going. How about you? It’s great to see Sister Gloria here, and Minister Wright. We had such an incredible time in the Lord at the Original Substance of Divine Principle (OSDP) workshops last fall and winter in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The best part of it for me was of course the word, but the music, amen! I just want to thank the Wrights. Stand up right now. They’re part of our music ministry. Incredible. And Bishop Jesse Edwards, Rev. Levy Daugherty, Brother Keith Williams out in Los Angeles, and Brother Tim Daugherty right here in New York. God’s family came together and sang such beautiful music, which opened people’s hearts to receive the word, amen? That’s what Lovin’ Life is all about. Water Is Life Today I want to talk about living water. It’s amazing because Joe picked a Holy Song called “The Spring of Life” today. The chorus talks about the living waters, “going to the land where living waters flow.” That’s what this sermon is all about. That’s the great thing about gospel songs: They’re based on the word. In fact, I want to teach you a gospel song today. This is the little blonde guitar that we use in OSDP. I bet you didn’t know I could play this thing. Now let’s give a hand to the Lovin’ Life choir. They’re going to help you out with this song, and the words are up there. We’re in the house of the Lord, so why don’t you just stand to your feet and make a joyful noise! This song is called “River of Life.” (Singing a song) I’ve got a river of life flowing out of me, Makes the lame to walk and the blind to see, Opens prison doors, sets the captive free. I’ve got a river of life flowing out of me. Spring up, oh Well, inside my soul. Spring up, oh Well, and make me whole. Spring up, oh Well, and give to me That life abundantly. Spring up, oh Well, inside my soul. Spring up, oh Well, and make me whole. Spring up, oh Well, and give to me, That life abundantly. That life abundantly. That life abundantly. That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you, choir. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Give yourselves a big hand. Gospel songs are great because they’re based on the word of God. There are so many references in the Gospel to water, isn’t it true? Water is life. There are so many sermons about water. Today I want to talk about the living water that comes from God through the messiah. You might want to write some of these Scriptures down. I’m going to go through them quickly. John 7:38. Jesus was at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, on the eighth day, when the Israelites were not supposed to drink. We read in John 7:38 that Jesus stepped forth at that time and he said this: “If anyone thirsts, let him come unto me and drink. He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Isn’t that beautiful? John 4:13–15 is another story about Jesus. In this story, he meets a woman at the well. Have you heard this story? She happens to be a Samaritan, and it wasn’t cool for Jews to speak and have discourse or conversation with Samaritans. This was a Samaritan woman who was standing at the well of Jacob, and Jesus was thirsty. He stopped by the well and asked if she would give him a drink. And she said, “You’re not supposed to be talking to people like me. What’s going on here?” Then Jesus talked about a different kind of water that he could offer her, water that would quench her thirst for eternity. She said, “What are you talking about? This is the water of our ancestor Jacob. How could your water be any better than Jacob’s?” But Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water from the well will be thirsty again. But whoever drinks the water that I give them will never thirst.” Amen. Indeed, Jesus said, “The water that I give them will become in them a spring of water, welling up to eternal life.” That’s what this song is talking about: “Spring up, oh Well, inside my soul.” So not only does God want to let us drink from the living water, he wants us then to become a fountain of living water, a well that never dries up. Can you say that? “A well that never dries up.” And the song says that I want life after all this, more abundantly. And that’s from the Scripture, John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it”—what? “More abundantly.” Do you want life more abundantly? Humankind has been thirsting, haven’t we? Victor, I think I need some water out here, the water of life. We’ve been thirsting. We sing another beautiful song called “As the Deer.” Remember that one? That’s also from the Scripture, from Psalm 42, “As the deer pants for streams of water,” the Psalm says, “so my soul pants for you, O God.” My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? That’s the predicament of humanity. Instead of drinking from that eternal fountain of life which is the messiah, connecting us to God, we’ve been drinking from stagnant pools, brothers and sisters. Stagnant, fallen waters. God bless you. Thank you, Pastor Jaga. In Revelation 17:15—this is the last one I’m going to give you—Scripture talks about the great harlot or prostitute that’s over the world in the last days before the messiah comes. Revelation 17:15, “Then the angel said to me”—to John, the revelator—“the waters you saw where the harlot sits are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues.” In other words, the stagnant water of the fallen world is where the nations, the people, and all the races have been dwelling since the time of the Fall. Who will come to pull them out of those stagnant pools? Have you ever come across a stagnant pool as you were hiking in the forest? You don’t want to get in that water. But that’s where we’ve been living. The messiah comes to bring us fresh, living water, amen. Christ Jesus and now our True Parents are the ones who bring the living water to humankind, the word of God that refreshes our spirit: and with the word, also the heart and spirit of God. In the Bible living water stands for the Holy Spirit. Do you feel the Holy Spirit today blowing through you? I know I do. “When can I meet God?” says the Psalm. And we are blessed to know the answer: “Now, through True Parents, through the living water.” That’s what we’re going to talk about today. The Incredible Gift of Our True Parents and Our Senior Pastor We were with True Parents in Las Vegas recently when the Little Angels had their grand finale event after two years of touring the world, commemorating the 60-year anniversary of the Korean War. Father Moon sent his ambassadors, his holy sprit ambassadors, the Little Angels, around the world to comfort, to love, and to thank those who gave their lives for freedom in Korea. Amen. That’s twenty nations around the world. We should give them a big hand. We were blessed to have True Parents literally at this event with us, and 3,000 people came. Most of those people had never seen our True Parents before. They had never met them personally. But this night, brothers and sisters, was such a natural witness. They saw the Little Angels. There were so many tears as those veterans felt so much of God’s love and the Holy Spirit and living water washing over them. Then as always happens, when the water starts flowing from here, there were so many tears of gratitude and joy. People came to know True Parents through their works, through the Little Angels. That was their heart. And so at the end the whole place celebrated True Parents’ birthday together with them. It was such a beautiful, beautiful finale and we thanked God for the Little Angels. I was also in Korea about a month ago. I lose track of the time; so many things are happening. But it was such a privilege and joy to be there with True Parents on True God’s Day, to celebrate their birthday with them, with brothers and sisters, clergy, and people from all around the world, finally giving thanks to God for the ones who have brought the living water to the world. We were together with our international president, Rev. Dr. Hyung Jin Moon. Let’s give him a big hand. He’s a very accomplished martial artist, but he’s such a humble person that in his ministry he never mentions it. But he made the heavenly mistake of telling his father and showing his father his extraordinary martial arts power and development. So once Father saw that, he has not given Hyung Jin Nim even an ounce of rest since that time. Everywhere Father wants him to do martial arts—a mixed martial arts demonstration, even in Los Angeles and San Diego at the Little Angels performances. He is awesome. He’s an amazing martial artist, with an amazing ministry for God. We were with him in Korea at one point, and he gave an incredible lecture. You might have seen this online. I’ve never seen a lecture like this before. He was talking about the debate between theism and atheism. He wants us to be able to win that debate, obviously. Now does God exist or not? All right. You’re sure? OK, then we won that debate. But it was a fascinating lecture. The thing that made it so incredible was that he jogged the whole time, and—I’m not going to make you do this—he had the audience jog with him. I was right in the front row. I could not get away from it. He passed me every three seconds or so. He jogged and we jogged for a full hour, while he spoke. It was extraordinary. And you know what happened? Nobody fell asleep in the lecture. Nobody. So if you’re feeling sleepy now—I don’t know how you could be—but you could stand up and start jogging. And we had an extraordinary talk from Kook Jin Moon, the chairman of the Korean Foundation. Give him a big hand. He’s such a profound thinker and speaker, and he talked about the topic of a strong Korea, with a question mark. It was profound, waking us up to be reminded of the fact that we are still fighting many battles around the world. This world is not a safe place, and we have to be vigilant. We have to stand for freedom, as we always have and always will. America has a huge part to play in that. Amen. In Jin Nim said how proud she was of our team over there, and I want to echo that. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of everyone across America who has come together, uniting with our senior pastor, with her vision to build this incredible ministry we call Lovin’ Life. So we prepared some beautiful binders to take over there that had the essence, the guts, and the heart of Lovin’ Life, and we offered them to 120 nations, our missionaries from around the world. Brothers and sisters, those binders were like water. I felt that we were giving living water to our brothers and sisters in the desert. That’s how I felt. They soaked it up. They absorbed it. They loved it. And our task now is to help them to develop their ministry around the world. We were so blessed to be with them. We felt like this blessing that God has given us, Lovin’ Life Ministry, is something so remarkable that we don’t even know what we have. We don’t know what we have. Maybe you do. Maybe Richard Panzer and his wife do. But most of us don’t understand the gift we’ve been given from our True Parents and from our senior pastor, Rev. In Jin Moon. “Marching Forth on March Fourth” As we approach the third anniversary of this profound ministry next month, I want to express all of our gratitude to Rev. In Jin Moon and her family from across America and around the world. It is a blessing, brothers and sisters—and I hesitate to use the word work because it’s not work—but we are a family and Rev. In Jin Moon has shared her family with us. I really want to thank—he happens to be with us in the front row—Jin Sung Nim for his incredible instruction to us. I think you can hear the applause all across this nation, for pouring out his heart and soul about our True Parents and True Family. He has given us a foundation of knowledge and understanding in our hearts and made us realize that we are a family, and there’s no giving up on family. We are in this together for eternity. And I want to thank In Jin Nim for sharing her beautiful family with us, especially her daughter, Ariana. We need to give her a big hand. She has blessed us and graced us with her beauty, with ballroom dancing, but now as she enters the media department, she’s transforming everything. She’s making a huge difference. You’ll see this in this month when the media PR strategy to popularize the blessing, which all of America can take part in, is going to happen. I thank Ariana for her great work with our news team. And now In Jin Nim’s son Rexton has joined the ranks of CARP. So again, we don’t know what a blessing we have to be able to work with True Parents at this cosmic moment in history and work together with our senior pastor’s family. So we’re just getting started. We’re at the tipping point. That’s why I love March 4th. That’s what today is. It’s March 4th. We’re at the tipping point. We’re going to march forth to Foundation Day and beyond, like Buzz Lightyear said. He said something like that. Rev. In Jin Moon has opened this beautiful pulpit up to lugs like me. Sheri Reuter used to call me a schlemiel. I don’t know what that means exactly. In Jin Nim has opened the pulpit to a schlemiel like me and to our wonderful district pastors like Reverend Grodner and Reverend Thompson. She wants them all to come and share their message and their uniqueness at this pulpit. Are you ready for it? I know you miss her. I know you miss her, and I do too, and that’s good. Her strategy is, once you see enough of us, when she comes back, you’re going to be totally grateful and blown away. Totally. I know that’s her strategy. The Floodgates Are Open So today we start a worldwide witnessing initiative to bring God’s family home and to give God’s family the blessing worldwide. In unity of heart with our True Parents and our international president, Rev. In Jin Moon wants us to begin today on March 4th and hold our focus until Foundation Day. She wants us to find our spiritual children and bring them to the blessing, to give them this great living water that was given to us: to give it to the world and save America. As of today, the floodgates are officially open. We have all this talk about water. Our True Parents came to Las Vegas. Think about this. The source of living water, the True Parents of heaven and earth, the messiah anointed by Jesus, come to the city, literally, of stagnant pools and stagnant water. They come to Las Vegas, where the harlot is seated. They come to the desert and bring the living water to that place. Doesn’t it make total sense that they would go to Las Vegas: to bring the living water to the thirsting human beings in the desert? They’re bringing the word, the love, and the spirit of God, the grace of God’s love to the spiritually dying people of America. Lovin’ Life Ministry is there with our True Parents. We’re really proud of our pastors across the nation, and I want to say how grateful we are to the clergy who are now doing OSDP workshops all across this nation. I want to give a shout-out to Rev. Michael Sykes in New Jersey, Bishop Lewis in New York, Bishop Riley, and Rev. Kennard Davis. All across America the word is going forth, and we’re so grateful to all of our pastors as we work together as a family. Lovin’ Life Ministry is growing in Las Vegas with our great pastor there, Reverend Berg, and the new pastor, Rev. Damian Dunkley. I want to give a shout-out to Damian out there. I know he’s in Las Vegas listening right at this moment. And you know what’s happening? Some of the great pillars of our movement, our nation, the great rocks, the living stones are starting to move out there—like Dan and Pam Stein, great pillars of our movement. And they’re coming together because True Parents are there, and there’s great work yet to be done there. Would you like to go to Las Vegas? So we’re inviting you back during this time, this 120-day period, from March 4th to July 4th. Isn’t it amazing? You can go out there and witness and be with True Parents, give out Father’s autobiography, find fantastic spiritual children, and build Lovin’ Life Ministries right there in Las Vegas as they enter into the Rave movie theater this month. Whoa. “God Never Had Such a Son as This” Father Moon talks a lot about life-and-death investment, a total investment of heart, even unto our lives. That’s how he lives his life; that’s how he lives today. But the good news is that Jesus told us, “If you want to hold onto your life, you might lose it. But if you lose your life for my sake, you will gain it. You will preserve it.” That’s the way Father Moon has always lived, that’s the way our True Parents live. That’s the way we need to live. Father Moon has walked the path of suffering. He is the pioneer of God’s word. He is the source of that living water, anointed by Jesus. Father Moon just turned 93 years of age, but you would never know it to see him, or to be with him. No one can keep up with him. My wife had an incredible blessing given to her by our senior pastor to just be in Las Vegas. My wife goes out on the boat fishing with Father Moon. She’s become an expert fisherwoman. I can’t believe it. I got out there to Las Vegas and she said, “You know what I’m going to do?” I said, “What?” “I’m going to buy a boat. All I need is $150,000 and I can buy one of those boats like Father Moon has.” She’s going for it. All the men out there who are fishing testify to me, “Oh, your wife! She’s the only one who catches carp out there. She’s out there pulling them in.” I’m so proud of her. What an amazing blessing. She said, “Father Moon is so sharp, so amazing. He’s cognizant of everything, every situation. He’s always thinking about people and how to treat them. He is not taking anything for granted.” My wife is out there. She caught a big fish and Father Moon said, “Young Ae (English daughter, he called her) come over here and take a picture with me.” So she’s taking a picture with Father Moon and her big fish. Then one of the brothers tries to get in the picture, and Father says, “What are you doing in the picture? You’re not her husband! Get out of the picture!” He’s just so sharp. But he’s still just like a child. I want to read you an excerpt from his autobiography. He’s always been like this, exploring everything, never taking “No” for an answer. Don’t tell Father Moon, “No.” He hates that word. Just tell him, “Yes” and he’ll be happy. So he’s exploring Lake Mead, which has 500 miles of coastline. He’s trying to find the source of the Colorado River. Father, it’s in Wyoming. But don’t tell him that; he’ll go to Wyoming. He investigated the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Sedona. He wants to know it all. And here’s why. In his autobiography there’s a chapter called “Loving Nature to Learn from It.” This is Father Moon. “My personality was such that I had to know about everything that I could see. I’d start thinking, ‘I wonder what the name of that mountain is. I wonder what’s up there.’ I had to go see for myself. While still a child, I climbed to the tops of all the mountains in a five-mile radius around our home. I went everywhere. I went beyond the mountains. That way, when I saw a mountain shining in the morning sunlight, I could have an image in my mind of what was on that mountain and I could gaze at it in comfort. “I hated to look at places that I didn’t know with my own senses. I had to know about everything. Otherwise, my mind was so restless that I could not endure it.” That’s the kind of person he is. “When I went to the mountains, I would touch all the flowers and trees. I wasn’t satisfied just to look at them with my eyes. I had to touch the flowers and smell the flowers and even put the flowers in my mouth and chew on them. I enjoyed the fragrances, the touch and the taste so much that I would not have minded if someone told me to stick my nose in the bushes and keep it there the whole day. I love nature so much that any time I went outside I would spend the day roaming the hills and fields and forget about having to go home.” Wow. Of course now that he’s a distinguished world leader of religion he’s forgotten about all those things. Are you kidding me? Father Moon wants to know everything about everything. That’s why when he researched the Principle and found the truth that liberated humankind. He couldn’t stop until he knew everything. Even God said, “That’s enough. No further.” Father Moon said, “Sorry, God. I’ve got to know more. I’ve got to know more. Otherwise I’ll be restless.” And God said, okay. God never had such a son like this. Thank God. So that’s the kind of father we have, Father Moon. He’s exploring the mountains, the canyons, not taking “No” for an answer. I can’t believe the blessing that God has given my family and all of us. But my wife is just blown away. She calls me on the phone, and we just laugh. It’s just incredible to be with True Parents at this time. Receive Blessings to Bless Others But, you know, I think back. Why would someone like me be blessed to be here, working with our senior pastor, with True Parents, or my wife? And then I remember my own blessing back in 1982, 30 years ago this year. My wife and I were in Korea, and we were getting blessed like crazy. We got blessed by True Parents and then we were the ones who presented flowers to True Parents, and then we got to cut the cake as a Korean American couple with the True Parents. And then I got to sing a song for True Parents. It was called “Now that I’ve found you,” with Lionel, not Lionel Richie, but Lionel Chapital. And my wife and I, why are we so blessed? We’d just met each other like a week before. Why are we being so blessed? And we realized at that time God wanted us to be a blessing and had a great mission for us. So we prayed at that time and offered our couple to God. We said, “Whatever you need, we will always be there, no matter what.” We simply prayed that prayer. And that’s a powerful prayer. So when you receive the blessing later this month, some of you from around the country, pray that prayer: that God can use the blessing he gives you to be a blessing to millions. Amen? Fantastic Peaks Are Molded by Water After True Parents left last week, my wife and I snuck away and went to Zion Canyon. Have you ever been there? It’s a magnificent place. It was named by members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and it’s just spectacular, brothers and sisters. You have to go there. It’s such a spiritual place. When you go into the park, you see these incredible mountainous structures that have been carved by the Virgin River for millions of years, similar to the way the Colorado has carved out the Grand Canyon for 50 million years. These canyons started as slabs, and then the power of the water just carved them out to shape those slabs into amazing works and masterpieces of art. The people who saw that canyon must have had a spiritual feeling because they named it Zion, which is the word for the City of God, for Jerusalem. In Hebrew, Zion means desert. Zion Canyon is an oasis in the desert. It’s a fantastic place, with the living water and the living stones. There’s a place called the Hall of the Patriarchs with magnificent peaks, three in a row. Guess what they named them? Not Curly, Moe, and Larry. They named them Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As you stand before those peaks, you feel the power of God. But even those fantastic peaks, can be changed, molded, and carved by water: by water. When water freezes in the cracks of those rocks, it explodes the rocks, and great huge chunks of the mountain fall down. We also went to a place called the Emerald Pools. These are three magnificent pools and you could see how they were carved by the water dropping for millions of years over the lip of cliffs high above them. It was truly incredible. The great explorer and scientist named John Wesley Powell did much of the exploration of this area and the Grand Canyon. When he saw the Grand Canyon, he said this. “The Grand Canyon is the land of music. Mountains of music swell in the rivers. Hills of music billow in the creeks. Meadows of music murmur in the rills that ripple over the rock. Altogether it’s a symphony of multitudinous melodies. All this is the music of waters.” Waters. Waters. Can you just feel it flowing over you? I need a drink. Ah. I just love the word! Don’t you? The word of God. And the creation is the greatest teacher of all. I think in the future, though, many of those peaks will be renamed for True Parents and True Children. Or Richard Panzer Peak, something like that. The great saints of the Completed Testament Age, like all of you. Jim Gavin Gorge. God Protected Our Families in Alabama Last time I spoke, I gave a shout-out to everybody in the South, the wonderful southern part of our nation, the Southeast, where I spent much of my time. But I forgot my homeland: Alabama. I forgot to mention Alabama so I’m going to make up for it today. Is that okay for you guys down there in Bayou la Batre? I love Alabama. All my children were born there, and we just love it so much. But talk about the power of water, brothers and sisters. We lived through many hurricanes down there. I wasn’t actually there when Katrina came through, but the devastation of Katrina was just unbelievable. After Katrina blew through, I went to Alabama, to Bayou la Batre, where some of the great pillars of our movement live, brothers and sisters who built our church there with our own hands. They built our school, our little school there that True Parents made. They built Master Marine, the boatbuilding business. And they built our shrimp processing business. These are great pillars of our movement like the Dungans, the Roppolis, the Wilsons, the Ladolcettas, the Finemores, and all the great families down there. I couldn’t believe the devastation. The waves of Hurricane Katrina were 40 feet high. We own 700 acres down there. When I came down there; there were boats of all sizes in the treetops of our land. Three hundred vessels had been beached in the treetops. It was unimaginable. Along the coast, whole towns were wiped out. But the Bible tells us in Matthew 7:24 that if you build your house on the rock, the rains may come and beat against that house, but it will not fall. It was incredible there because of all the devastation, but not one of our families’ homes were touched by Hurricane Katrina. The church and the little school we built with our own hands were fine. Nothing was touched. I think God protected and blessed those families because they had been such a blessing to their community for so many decades. Father Moon hand-picked those people, many of you in this room maybe, to go down there and to start businesses from scratch, to build a community and a church. They’ve done that and they’re still there. And I want to thank them in Alabama. Thank you, guys. My wife and I were blessed to be the principals of a little school called Top Garden School. It was named by our True Parents in the days when Father really loved the “Top Gun” movie, so everything was top something. Our little school was named Top Garden School. This place was so humble, just a couple of trailers. But it was spiritually the most beautiful place. The graduates, the young children who came out of there became such wonderful young men and women, and I just bless you, wherever you are, all over this world and this country. We had such a great time there. And water was such a big part of our life because it rained all the time. And when it would rain, we have what we called the Jordan River in front of our school. It would pile up so big that we couldn’t get the kids across the river to their parents to go home, so we had to form a chain of adults and hand the children to their parents in the water. This happened all the time. But the great blessing of this Jordan River that would come every time it rained was that from above somewhere these creatures would be washed down and we would have these fish, all kinds of fish. They would come out of nowhere, so we would grab them and put all these creatures in a freshwater aquarium we had in our school. We had also a saltwater aquarium for all of our sea stuff. Then we had a terrarium because we caught two dozen or more different kinds of snakes. I love snakes. And because I love snakes, all the kids loved snakes. “Reverend Cotter, it’s a speckled king snake.” “Are you kidding me?! Whoa.” And we had to have it, and we had to put it in our terrarium and watch it and feed tadpoles to it and watch it gulp them down. We were one with nature. And one time when this Jordan River came down, I remember we were down there catching the things and we came up with this creature. Nobody knew what it was. It was like a long eel with gills, but it had these tiny, tiny little feet, you know, like a Tyrannosaurus rex has this huge body with these little tiny arms. What’s he supposed to do with these? All the other dinosaurs must have thought, “Hey, here comes ol’ small arms over there. What’s he going to do with those arms?” And they’d say, “Watch out for that tail. That tail will get you, and those teeth.” But this thing, we didn’t know what it was. And we called the paper, the Mobile Press-Register, and they came out. We found out that it was a two-toed amphiuma, which no one had ever seen. It was unique. It’s dead now. (Laughter.) It was a big story in those days. We put on plays that were legendary. It was a natural witness to the community. We did everything: the music, the scenery, the script, the sound effects, the costumes. It was fantastic, and the whole community would come to our plays. The Most Important Lesson The lesson I learned the most in that time was from my second daughter, Hye-mi. It was a simple, but profound, lesson. She was in second grade. I was the principal, my wife and I. One day I just made a stupid little picture—I’m not an artist—of, you know, the kind of pictures you draw. And I put on the picture, I love you. I folded it up and put it in her lunchbox. At lunchtime she came to my wife and me, and she was speechless. She was in tears, but these were overwhelming tears that went on for like an hour. We held her and we tried to comfort her, but she would not stop. It’s the most amazing experience we ever had. And I thought to myself, does she not know? Does she not know how much I love her, that this note would cause this kind of reaction? So after that experience I never forgot that it’s not enough to think it or take it for granted. You have to tell the people you love, “I love you.” “I love you.” Every day. And hug them until they get it. So please do that with your spouse every day, and with your children every day, and with those that you love. So she taught me a great lesson about true love. “You Can Get Carried Away, but Don’t Be Washed Away” It’s a wonderful opportunity that we have coming from our True Parents and from our international president to unite with Korea and the world and to begin this witnessing initiative. This is an opportunity to witness to our faith, to bring our families, our brothers and sisters, those whom we love into this church community, to bring them to church with us every Sunday, to introduce them to this great and growing ministry. This is an opportunity to let them know True Parents, receive the living water, and become part of this family. That’s the opportunity we have. Hyung Jin Nim has asked us all to make a list of our family and spiritual children and pray for them every day because prayer works. Amen. Pray for them every single day. Become a prayer warrior and focus during this time. The goal and priority of Lovin’ Life Ministry in 2012 is church growth, so it’s a perfect fit. As we approach the third anniversary on Easter Sunday, the whole foundation that we built until now, I feel, is for this time, for 2012, when we open the floodgates and bring America to God and True Parents. Amen. So we are ready. We are ready across America to embrace this nation. We are the ones whom God has chosen to give out the breaking news, to give the blessing of marriage to the people. So please, expect a flash flood and don’t be overwhelmed by it. In Zion Canyon, in the narrows, sometimes without warning a flash flood can come and hikers can be killed. When a flash flood comes now, be ready for it. Don’t get washed away, but ride the wave. You can get carried away in the spirit, but don’t get washed away because this is the greatest moment in history, the time that creation has been waiting for with eager longing. I felt even the rocks in this great temple of God were crying out, crying out for True Parents, thanking God. Mike McDevitt, who’s been with True Parents for many years, told me in Las Vegas that one time they were in Alaska fishing and a great humpback whale came right next to Father’s boat. They were all kind of freaked out. It came next to his boat, turned on its side, and waved. And its big eye was looking at Father. He said that happened so many times, you couldn’t believe it. So we are filled with the living water, and we are the living stones. As it says in I Peter 2:5, “You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, for in the Scripture it says, ‘See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.’” So we are the living stones. Christ, our True Parents, are the cornerstone now of God’s kingdom. Living water is like the Holy Spirit. It’s okay to be filled with the spirit. I wish Jesse Edwards were here. He’s filled with the spirit. All he has to do is get up here and say, “Praise the Lord, everyone,” right? And everybody is, “Whoa.” They’re just filled with the spirit. We thank God for Bishop and Mrs. Edwards. They were the first pastors to pray for Lovin’ Life Ministry. The Birth of the Pentecostal Movement It’s time for revival across America. I was in Los Angeles, and I met our great prayer warrior out there, Rick Joswick, who’s praying with Mark Tengan and George Kazakos every day for revival in this nation. There’s a little place called Azusa Street. Have you ever heard of it? It’s in Los Angeles. It’s the birthplace of the Pentecostal movement, which is now 500-million strong across the world. That’s where it started, in a little rundown church on Azusa Street in 1906. And so Rick Joswick is saying, “Send Bishop and Mrs. Edwards. They’re Pentecostals. They love True Parents. Send them out here, and we’re going to have another Azusa Street revival that will shake the world centering on our True Parents.” What do you think? Azusa Street. If you read about the Azusa Street revival, no one thought that this kind of thing was going to happen. But a humble pastor from Texas, an African American named William Seymour and his wife Jen came and preached in a church, and God did a great thing. People started speaking in tongues. They were filled with the spirit. And before you knew it, in 1906 hundreds and then thousands and tens of thousands of people would come to this revival that went on for seven or eight years in this little church on Azusa Street. It became worldwide. People came from around the world, and they spoke different languages but people in the church would interpret their language to them, and it was growing and growing and growing. Of course, the papers thought it was crazy. And it was so scandalous because in 1906 at the height of Jim Crow, there were blacks and whites together in that church. It was scandalous, I tell you. You should read the newspaper accounts. They couldn’t believe it. Blacks and whites as brothers and sisters praying together, getting slain in the sprit together, holding each other. It was scandalous, but it was the work of God. It was interracial. And you know what else? It was guided by women leaders. It’s just like True Parents’ movement today. And the point is that it grew beyond all the skepticism and all the teachers and the Christian theologians who condemned it. That didn’t make a difference to God. Amen. God is beyond borders, beyond races, beyond any kind of barriers. And it rocked the world. They went out from that little church all over the world and started the Pentecostal revival and movement. One of the five tenets of their faith at that time was that we are here and we are called for the soon-to-come returning Messiah. That was 1906. Father was born fourteen years later. But the worldwide Pentecostal movement that was prepared for him, for True Parents, still doesn’t know him. Don’t you think there’s a need for revival out there, brothers and sisters, to spread the good news of our True Parents, the breaking news? We Are the Living Stones So we have to spend all of our time witnessing, as a natural witness, a living testimony to our True Parents. I remember back in the 1980s God blessed me with a team of wonderful singers like Steve Honey in the New Hope Singers. We traveled to churches all across the South at that time and sang as a choir. I remember there was one brother named James Houston who used to sing a great old gospel tune called “Ain’t Got Time to Die.” It went like this. (Sings the song.) Lord, I keep so busy praising my savior, I keep so busy praising my savior, I keep so busy praising my savior, I ain’t got time to die. ‘Cause I spend all of my time praising my savior, All of my time praising my Lord. If I don’t praise him, the rocks gonna cry out, Glory and honor, glory and honor, Ain’t got time to die. That comes from the Scripture. When the disciples finally realized who Jesus was at the Mount of Olives, they were praising God, praising Jesus as the king, the Lord of glory who had come. And they were just going crazy in the spirit of the Lord, amen. But to the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, this was a little bit much for them. They went to Jesus and said, “Rabbi, you should rebuke your disciples. Can you ask them to tone it down a little bit?” Jesus said (in Luke 19:38): “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” The stones will cry out. Amen. So if you keep quiet about True Parents, don’t be surprised when you get home at night if the driveway is crying out, and in that front walk that goes up to your house, the stones start crying out if you don’t cry out. So with our families, we are the living stones. We are no longer a best kept secret. We have to cry out. “Re-Member When You Were a Member” First Generation, this is our time. You’re not washed up, not washed away. You can get carried away. It’s 2012. It’s the 30-year anniversary of the 8,000 couples. Congratulations. It’s the 20-year anniversary of the 30,000 couples. Congratulations. Now that’s 40,000 families in America and around the world. Don’t you think if we cry out that the world can change? We have been raised up for such a time as this. Those mountain peaks, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God bless them, but soon they’re going to replace them with all the saints down in Alabama. Mt. Rappolli – especially the Italian names are the best. Mt. Rappolli, Mt. Rotundo, Mt. Ladolcetta, or the great Finemore family in Alabama. Instead of Mt. Rushmore, it’s going to be Mt. Finemore. And they’re going to carve pictures of Rob and Ruthie and Delia and Mikey and Elizabeth and Bella. They’ll be all up there. If they cry out. There are so many saints, brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters who are out there resting right now. But you know, “Once with True Parents,” what? “Always with True Parents.” Just like “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” There are thousands of our brothers and sisters sitting out there. They want to be here in church, but you need to go ask them. Our pastors need to go pastor those saints and bring them back for such a time as this. Maybe they used to be members, but now you need to re-member them. Don’t forget them. Try to remember them. You can go visit them. Because honestly, some of them have been dis-membered. They were disrespected, maybe by you or somebody else and they’ve—you know. So you can go to them with your heart and visit their homes, take care of their families, and you can sing to them. In fact, I have a song you could sing. This is a stretch. It’s the “Remember Song.” It’s a fantastic song. (Sings a song.) Try to remember when you were a member And life was sweet and oh, so mellow. Try to remember when you were a member And you were a tender and mellow fellow Try to remember before it’s December And follow, follow, follow. Now what’s the worst that can happen? They can say, “If you promise never to sing again, I will come to church.” But they’ll feel your heart. They’ll feel the inspiration, the living water from True Parents. So reach out to them. Reach out with your heart. Don’t just do outreach. Reach out with the living water. Do the same with your own families and bring them. Bring them to Lovin’ Life. Introduce them to your blessed family and to the ministry. Full Speed Ahead in 2012 So finally, brothers and sisters, this is the Year of the Dragon, right? Dragons are unpredictable. Dragons are dangerous. I think 2012 should be the year of living dangerously. Father is like that: life and death, putting your life on the line, total investment. The same thing should be applied to witnessing: “At the price of my life I want to save that person.” So that means we have to live on the edge. In Zion Canyon my wife shocked me. We were way up high on a cliff and there were chains and a sign that said, “Don’t go beyond this point. Danger, danger, risk of life, life-threatening.” She went beyond the chain and was taking a picture. I said, “My wife is doing this?!” I couldn’t believe it. Back when I was a kid there was a TV show called Lost in Space. There was a crazy, funky robot. And the robot was so paranoid about Will Robinson getting hurt that whenever there was the slightest hint of life-threatening danger, it went, “Danger, danger, Will Robinson. Danger.” So it’s the same with witnessing. In our conscience, our heart, we want to reach out to people. But as soon as we think, “I’m going to speak to that person,” all of a sudden the robot comes, “Danger, danger, Jaga Gavin.” And then we pull back. “Whew. I almost broke out of myself. I almost witnessed to someone. Thank God.” But I say, “Damn the robot, full speed ahead.” Amen! Go beyond. Go beyond your comfort zone and enter into the danger zone. Like the top guns. Fly into the danger zone. That’s where you find God, where we testify to the breaking news and we find the amazing spiritual children that God has prepared. So brothers and sisters, it’s March 4th. March forth to Foundation Day from today. Today we start 120 days, from March 4th to July 4th. And I wish you all the greatest of blessings as you reach out to your spiritual children, as you are the fountains of living water, the living stones to give life to this nation. God bless you.

9. Wishes From a Tree

Wishes From a Tree

Filmed and Edited by Eric Homan. Music: “Scherzo in C Sharp Minor, Op. 39” by Fredrick Chopin. 8-7-16: After the Irish dancing performance, I walked over to document The Irish Wishing Tree and its many honest-to-absurd wishes from so many voices. “I Wish For World Peace.” “I wish to improve.” Some were prayers to Jesus to help heal a loved one of cancer. Then I picked up another wish and it was utterly irreverent and profane: “Blonde for a 3-Some. 720-751-483x.” Others just stood on their own: “Truth.” “I want to marry my Irish Snicker doodle!” “I wish N. Korea would chill out!” “I wish to have infinity wishes.” Some were just nonsensical scribbles. One wish really struck a personal chord with me: “I wish to find my passion.” With all of my problems in my life, I can at least freely confess that I do not have this problem in the least. Expressing my dreams, emotions, and imagination is what I love to do through video art, writing, and animation. And I keep doing it still even though I don’t make much money making “personal artwork”. At least I know my passion. It’s better than being a banker and feeling dead and soulless inside.

10. "Edge of Suspicion" by Zita Steele

Justin Moon of South Korea is the world’s top private eye. He travels to Singapore to catch an elusive cybercriminal. The pay is lucrative. His client is an attractive blonde CEO. It should be the easiest job in his career. Things get complicated with the arrival of Okada, a mysterious drifter with a mission of revenge. As Moon tries to solve the mystery, he uncovers a tangled maze of deceit. Each new clue leads him in an unpredictable direction. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins. Featuring over 100 photos, Edge of Suspicion is both an exciting story and a work of art.

11. Al “ice caps are gone ” Gore – North Korea – Being Blonde Is Racist

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Al “ice caps are gone ” Gore – North Korea – Being Blonde Is Racist

The former vice president resurfaces, with another round of familiar apocalyptic predictions. At least one environmentalist is capitalizing on President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord: Al Gore. The former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner is back in the public eye whether you like it or not. Since Trump’s announcement last month that the U.S. would pull out of the Paris climate pact, Gore has been on a media blitz to reprise his role as the prophet of planetary doom. The timing couldn’t be better for him. Next week, Gore’s new film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, will debut. It’s the follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, his 2006 documentary that won two Oscars and became the rallying cry for climate-change activists around the world. Read more at: 10 Facts That Prove Just How Bat Shit Crazy North Korea Actually Is North Korea Created Its Own Time-Zone, As You Do In August of this year Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un followed in the footsteps of Julius Caesar, not by winning any battles or directly influencing the flow of Western civilisation, but by making his own calendar North Koreans Born After WW2 Are 2 Inches Shorter Than South Koreans Analysis of defectors from North Korea shows that those born after WW2 are on average two-inches shorter than their neighbours in South Korea due to widespread malnourishment and subsisting on a diet of corn and kimchi New York Magazine Accuses Fox News Hosts of Racism for Having Blonde Hair A New York Magazine piece on Thursday accused female Fox News hosts and Donald Trump supporters of engaging in racist dog whistling by having blonde hair. “Attributes associated with whiteness — light skin, narrow noses — have dominated American beauty ideals as long as there’s been such a thing,” argued NY Mag fashion writer Amy Larocca. “Fox News and Donald Trump have given blonde hair a new chapter,” she wrote. “Now, blonde is the color of the right, for whom whiteness has become a hallmark.”

12. Hitler & Mannerheim: Talking About Black Ops 4

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  • Duration: 265
  • By Fegel Line 2
Hitler & Mannerheim: Talking About Black Ops 4

A latest CoD Black Ops game is called it "Call of Duty Black Ops 4". Hitler & Mannerheim learns about the setting, the characters, & the weapons. Note: This video will be for the Reddit so that many CoD fans can see & learn the truth about Call of Duty Black Ops IV. Reveal Quotes for Black Ops 4: "This is before 2024 & 2025. An era of modern-sci-fi warfare is about to begin. New Viking Future Wars.Thus, it will reveal to the secrets of the fallen comrades. Betrayal is a sinful option. Norse warfare in 2065." - Swedish-American: Troy "Grendel" Nise Royal "2017 happens to me when I was young. I will beseech to my comrades in my military time. Opulence is a sinful and I will pay for my family. Semper Fideles. Og min oplysning om dig." - Danish-British: Neil Minster Wolfen The campaign will be setting in the deserts of Iraq & Afghanistan, ASEAN coasts of Southeast Asia, HK, & Scandinavia. The first leaked chapter is the "Deserts of Storm". It was set in 2017-2020 during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A leaked playable character is David "Piper" Rottweil, the lieutenant of SEAL Team Six. The second leaked chapter is the "War From The Ancient World". It was set in 2023 during the new-viking warfare in Scandinavia. A leaked playable character is Neil Minster Wolfen, the commanding officer of 3rd World Viking Military Forces. The third leaked chapter is "Aerial Phase". It focuses on the futuristic-designed V22 Osprey campaign during the Manta Militia attack in Hong Kong. A leaked playable character is Troy "Grendel" Nise Royal, the lieutenant general of Osprey Defense Team. The last leaked chapter is "Battle Cry". It was set in both countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia & Philippines during the siege of ASEAN. A leaked playable character is Ian Li Xuan, the commander of Energetic Olympus Special Service. A special level is called "Blonde War". The level happens when four girls named Alicia, Emily, Malibu, & Amaro, the ones with their colorful short dresses, fight against the Manta Militia Forces & Common Terrorist Team. TAKE NOTE: They were leaked. The first leaked zombies map is "Tower of Evil". It was set in 2067 during the supernatural occurrence & zombie apocalypse in Taipei, Taiwan. The map focuses on four that were assumed by the players: Hank Kazuhiro, a JSF general, Ike Rodriguez, a lieutenant commander of Philippine Marine Corps, Rachel Lee, a mercenary of Republic of Korea Armed Forces, & Leslie Chung, a former Taiwanese Air Force member & the member of Coalescence as the vice president. The bonus leaked zombies map is "Blonde of Blood". It was set in the year 2000 during the New Year's Eve in New York City. The four were assumed by the players named Ilza, Lafayette, Frederick, & Tan. TAKE NOTE: They were leaked. It is a secret. Clips from Der Untergang & Mannerheim Finds Out. NO COPYRIGHT TO CONSTANTIN FILMS & HELSINKI FILM FESTIVAL. ALSO ACTIVISION & TREYARCH! All Rights Reserved.

13. MARILYN MONROE: Besuch in Korea

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MARILYN MONROE: Besuch in Korea

VERSCHOLLENE FILMSCHÄTZE (Orig. Mystères d'Archives) ist eine Dokumentationsreihe, in der bekannte historische Aufnahmen aus dem kollektiven Gedächtnis genauer betrachtet und analysiert werden. Dabei werden insbesondere inszenatorische Gesichtspunkte hervorgehoben und in den damaligen Kontext eingebettet. Folge MARILYN MONROE - Besuch in Korea: Im Februar 1954 verzögert die Monroe ihre angeblichen Flitterwochen, um vor GIs der US-Armee im Krisengebiet Korea aufzutreten. Im Februar 1954 unterbrechen laut weltweiten Presseberichten der Regenbogenpresse "Mister und Misses America" überraschend ihre Hochzeitsreise nach Japan - Marilyn Monroe und Joe Di Maggio, berühmtester Baseballspieler seiner Zeit. Der Grund - Die Monroe will vor GIs der US-Armee im Krisengebiet Korea eine Vorstellung geben, die in den Camps nördlich von Seoul an der Grenze zu Nordkorea stationiert sind. Aber waren Joe Di Maggio und seine blonde Diva tatsächlich in den Flitterwochen? Was erzählen die Bilder der Kameramänner der amerikanischen Armee, die während der viertägigen Tournee des Hollywoodstars im bergigen Grenzgebiet zwischen Nord- und Südkorea gedreht wurden? Die Aufnahmen von Hollywoods Sexbombe in einem Land, das mit Amerikas Hilfe gerade einen zähen, dreijährigen Krieg überstanden hatte, sind jedenfalls kaum zu überbieten.

14. "Juck Juck Grunzie - The Interview"

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Or "적적해서 그런지를 - The Interview" * With one of the band's tracks introducing this interview, it's pretty apt for a quaint 'coffee & chat meeting' and almost feels and sounds Parisian, churning up fantasy visions of French or other European coffee shops... and we don't mean Starbucks! However, this isn't Paris but London. Fresh from Glastonbury 2015 this quite unique band** meet us prior to their hotly anticipated London performance - they were to play in a well-known venue in Brixton called The Windmill. We - Diya Mitra (of and Jason Verney (from - were fortunate enough to witness both the concert and the chat [Actually, Mr Verney also caught them at Glastonbury too!] The band also played at Zandari Festa, the city music festival in Seoul - see articles on this at sister site of Apologies for the sound quality and at times the film quality. Also, note that depending where and how this is viewed - Vimeo; YouTube; Embedded; Other - this may be the HD version but a low resolution version, plus a tad speedily edited at the same time. EDITING OVERSIGHT: As well as the technical issues mentioned in the above, it's actually Boong [the dark haired girl on the left] who plays Bass. Jee-hye is the blonde one, on Guitar. Due to editing suite issues and perhaps computer ones, it wasn't possible to amend this. However, this isn't to say it won't be 'fixed' in the future, along with added do subtitles for the parts where it's not completely clear what is being said, and maybe before it gets uploaded to YouTube (in addition to this already live Vimeo one). I will add that the rush to get this complete was a little immense, so much so that I was even putting the finishing touches within Vimeo at Dubai airport, on my way to Asia. Enjoy! *적적해서 그런지를 - This is not a literal, sound-like translation of the name Juck Juck Grunzie but with the proper markers on the end of each word and it IS how you'd write it in Korean / Hangul. This translation complication is rather fitting, as their name itself is a bit of a contradiction [like a 'Native Nomad' you cry?!] and part of the reason why we decided to not include the part of the interview where JJG explain, or try to tell us the meaning of the band name. **I was going to say girl-band but A) there is a guy too and B) I wanted to separate it from the stereotypical female Korean 'Kpop' group. LINKS: JUCK JUCK GRUNZIE (@JuckJuckGrunzie) Instagram: @JuckJuckGrunzie Available on iTunes ZANDARI FESTA (@ZandariFesta) Instagram: @ZandariFesta DIYA ON KOREA (@DiyaonKorea) Instagram: @Diya_on_Korea NATIVE NOMAD PICTURES and THE KOREAN DOCUMENTARY (@NativeNomadPics) (@_dOKumENtARy) Instagram: @NativeNomadPics Instagram: @_dOKumENtARy Instagram: @JasianVerney

15. Blonde Redhead @ AX-Hall(Korea, 2012.5.4)

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Blonde Redhead @ AX-Hall(Korea, 2012.5.4)

Blonde Redhead @ AX-Hall(Korea, 2012.5.4)

16. Bandits-Mages 2014 - Interview "Artaud Sentences" - Eyvind Kang / Jessika Kenney

Bandits-Mages 2014 - Interview

ARTAUD SENTENCES, dicussion during the rehearsals, concert at Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France. November 15, 2014 EYVIND KANG (US), JESSIKA KENNEY (singer, US), HYEONHEE PARK (percussionist from Korea), HYEONMI PARK (dancer, Korea) Album : At Temple Gate Seattle composers Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang meet Korean electro-acoustic artist Hyeonhee Park for an innovative distillation of traditional and experimental musics. 
Jessika Kenney is a vocalist and composer known for her haunting timbral sense, as well as her profound interpretation of vocal traditions; Eyvind Kang is an acclaimed composer and violist. He has worked in the past with Sun City Girls, Bill Frisell, Secret Chiefs 3, Blonde Redhead, Robin Holcomb, Laurie Anderson and many others. He has released albums on Tzadik (John Zorn) and Ipecac (Mike Patton) among other labels.
As a duo they have released several recordings, including The Face of the Earth (Ideologic Organ 2012), described as “serious, refined music” by the New York Times.
Hyeonhee Park majored in percussion at Korea National University of Arts, and studied electroacoustic music at Tokyo University of the Arts. She has performed multiple times in the US, Japan, China, and India, presenting her pieces “N-ary” and “H2O”, along with traditional repertoire. IMMI (Hyeonmi Park) is an independent choreographer and dancer in South Korea, working since 2009. Sheʼs been studying Korean dance (tradition and creation) for more than twenty years, and contemporary dance for seven years. IMMI is currently working in the interdisciplinary arts, exploring the combination of various genres. Its a project based on the poem by Antonin Artaud: Faites le Mal. The project has been made possible following a proposition by Pacôme Thiellement. --- ARTAUD SENTENCES, propos recueillis lors des répétitions du concert, Rencontres Bandits-Mages 2014, Bourges, France, le 15 novembre 2014 EYVIND KANG (Seattle, US), JESSIKA KENNEY (chant, Seattle, US), HYEONHEE PARK (percussions, Corée du Sud), HYEONMI PARK (danse, Corée du Sud) Album : At Temple Gate Les compositeurs de Seattle Jessika Kenney et Eyvind Kang rencontrent l’artiste électro-acoustique Coréenne Hyeonhee Park pour une distillation originale de musiques expérimentales et traditionnelles. 
Jessika Kenney est chanteuse et compositrice connue pour son timbre hanté et la profondeur de son interprétation des traditions vocales ; Eyvind Kang est un violoniste et compositeur reconnu. Il a travaillé par le passé avec Sun City Girls, Bill Frisell, Secret Chiefs 3, Blonde Redhead, Robin Holcomb, Laurie Anderson et bien d’autres. Il a sorti des albums sur Tzadik (John Zorn) et Ipecac (Mike Patton) entre autres labels. 
En tant que duo ils ont sortis plusieurs albums, dont The Face of the Earth (Ideologic Organ 2012), qui a été décrit comme « musique sérieuse et raffinée » par le New York Times. 
Hyeonhee Park est diplômée percussions de la Korea National University of Arts et a étudié la musique électro-acoustique à la Tokyo University of the Arts. Elle a joué à de nombreuses reprises aux USA, Japon, Chine et Inde, avec ses pièces « N-ary » et « H2O », au côté d’un répertoire traditionnel. IMMI (Hyeonmi Park) est une chorégraphe et danseuse indépendante de Corée du Sud, qui travaille depuis 2009. Elle a étudié la danse Coréenne (traditionnelle et de création) pendant plus de 20 ans, et la danse contemporaine pendant 7 ans. En ce moment, IMMI travaille dans les arts interdisciplinaires. Elle y explore la combinaison de genres différents.
 Le projet est basé sur le poème d’Antonin Artaud : Faites le Mal.

 Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à l’invitation de Pacôme Thiellement.